How to judge whether a person has taken drugs?

How to judge whether a person has taken drugs? It's usually judged by the person's recent living conditions. It can be judged from his behavior and personality, but the average family knows little about drug knowledge, and sees that their relatives and friends are very unhappy recently, and have no way to start, which delays the development of drug rehabilitation work and increases the difficulty of drug rehabilitation

Judging a person's drug use, the first is behavior. For example, his recent life, work and rest habits are very different. He gets up and sleeps at different times. He always asks his family for money, but he doesn't know what he did with it. The number of people who often go home late, or even don't go home all night, has increased significantly. The number of toilet visits at home has also increased, the time spent in the toilet has also increased, and so on

The second is character. For example, his recent temper is very irritable, irritable and irritable. Communication with his family is much less than before. If his family takes the initiative to talk to him, he will become very impatient and do not want to listen to his relatives and friends. Even when we can communicate, it seems that the spirit is obviously not right and the eyes are more free. These are powerful personality changes caused by drug abuse

If your relatives and friends appear in the above several, then according to the experience of our drug testing network for many years, this person is 89 out of ten drug addicts. But drug addicts have the same characteristics, that is, they will not admit to drug abuse when they die. So what should we do? There are two ways, the first is to track him, directly in the scene of his drug addiction to capture the present situation; the second is to use the drug test paper to do urine testing. Let's talk more specifically about the common drug addictions among drug addicts

How to judge whether a person has taken drugs?

The symptoms and characteristics of heroin addiction. When the drug addicts take morphine for the first time, most of them will have nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, inattention, trance and other symptoms. After the heroin addicts stopped taking drugs, the withdrawal symptoms began to yawn, leave tears, runny nose, people are weak, the whole person trembles, sweats, no appetite, blood pressure rises rapidly, questions rise, muscles and bones and joints appear pain. A heroin overdose, there will be poisoning phenomenon, usually in the heroin after 2 minutes or so, the performance of direct coma, body temperature, pupil slowly enlarged and then slowly narrowed, can become extremely fine. Severe people will die, mostly a few hours after drug abuse, mainly due to edema and respiratory failure, visceral bleeding and so on

Addiction to methamphetamine is characterized by intense excitement, excessive speech, restlessness, irritability and trance. People who just take methamphetamine have obvious pupil enlargement. Most young drug addicts take methamphetamine to refresh themselves, increase self-confidence and overcome fatigue. Generally speaking, methamphetamine abusers have both chronic and acute manifestations

I. Chronic manifestation

In order to alleviate the pain of drug addicts and lead to continuous long-term drug abuse, there will be emotional uncontrollability, compulsory and purposeless activities, delusions and aggression, which may lead to hallucinations leading to the dangerous situation of hurting people around them

II. Acute manifestation

After taking drugs, ice skaters will experience a tremendous impact like flashing light, feel that there is a heat directly to the head, produce a strong stimulation, increase physical and mental possible sensation, intellectual stimulation, more words, pleasure, stronger motor function and sexual behavior, insomnia, no appetite, and so on. Physiologically, there will be heart rate acceleration, bronchial enlargement and pupil enlargement. After the strength of drugs, there is extreme physical weakness and pain, leading to drug addicts to force themselves to take drugs again