Global COVID-19 epidemic situation

The global diagnosis of novel coronavirus pneumonia is still worrying. According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia statistics novel coronavirus pneumonia, Johns Hopkins university has over 2 million 390 thousand cases of new crown pneumonia diagnosed in Beijing, around 2394291 in April 20th. There are more than 160 thousand cases of total pneumonia, totaling 164938 cases.

Global COVID-19 epidemic situation

In the past 24 hours, 28888 new diagnoses and 1797 new deaths have been confirmed in the United States. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in 755533 cases at 6:30 in Beijing, around April 20th. There were more than 40 thousand cases of death, and 3865864 cases were detected. Among them, New York state is still the state with the largest cumulative confirmed cases and deaths, with 242570 and 18921 cases respectively. In addition, there were 4364 deaths in New Jersey, 2308 in Michigan and 1560 in Massachusetts.

In France, novel coronavirus pneumonia has increased to 112606 cases in 19 hours and 785 cases in 24 hours, according to the latest announcement of Salomon, director of health services of France, as at 14 o'clock on the day. The number of hospital deaths increased to 12069, and the number of disabled nursing homes increased to 7649, with a total of 19718 deaths and 395 new deaths.

According to foreign media reports, the Paris municipal government told the media on the afternoon of the 19th local time that in the past 24 hours, the laboratory of the Paris water department has detected the presence of new coronavirus in 4 out of 27 non drinking tap water sampling points. For the sake of precaution, the municipal government of Paris has immediately suspended the use of these water sources. According to the report, the non drinking tap water detected by the new coronavirus is mainly used to clean the streets, which is independent from the direct drinking tap water. At present, there is no risk of drinking tap water directly, explained the city of Paris.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is diagnosed in Italy, 108257 cases of local confirmed cases, 18 cases of death, 23660 cases of death, 47055 cases of cure, 178972 cases of cumulative diagnosis, compared with 18 cases in April 18th, 3047 cases were newly diagnosed in Italy, and 433 cases died in April 18th, according to the latest data released by the Civil Protection Department of Italy.

For Turkey, according to the updated data on the website of the Ministry of health of Turkey, 35344 new coronavirus tests were carried out in Turkey on April 19, of which 3977 were positive. So far, 86306 cases have been confirmed in Turkey. 127 new deaths were reported on the same day, with a total of 2017 deaths. 1523 cases were cured on the same day, and 11976 cases were cured in total. A total of 634277 tests were carried out in Turkey. At present, there are 1922 intensive care patients and 1031 intubated patients.

The number of confirmed novel coronavirus pneumonia in Japan has been increasing rapidly for several days. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in Tokyo on 19 July, with 107 new infections in the country, 3082 cases of infection, 10807 cases of new crown pneumonia in Japan, and 238 deaths. Novel coronavirus pneumonia caused a worsening of the Japanese economy, with informal employees as the main reason, and the consultation on dismissal and suspension of the contract was increasing sharply, according to Kyodo news agency. Some Japanese economists predict that the number of unemployed will increase by more than one million in the year.

India's civilian grottoes, known as "invisible time bombs" by the media, are also not optimistic. The number of confirmed novel coronavirus pneumonia cases has been rising since the first case of new crown pneumonia was found in the slums of Mumbai in India in April 1st. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in 20 new cases in the slums on 19 th, and 138 cases were confirmed, 10 of them were dead.

In addition to India, the situation in Africa is worrying. Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Africa has more than 20 thousand confirmed cases, according to the latest statistics. Many experts say that there is much more actual infection in Africa than this figure. The African centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it would begin more than one million new coronavirus tests in Africa next week. In addition, African health officials say the suspension of U.S. contributions to who will have a huge impact on Africa.